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Nyaw (of random hyperness)!





So, so far I know three-ish of the grades out of the five academic classes I took this semester (choir always equals an A+ but because it's only a half credit, it doesn't count, really). I know before my final paper in chemistry I had an 85% and our final paper and presentation was worth a total of 25%-ish...I hope I'm safe in assuming I got an A+...because that would offset one of the other mediocre grades I received.

I got an 88% in my Advanced Research Psych class (with my GO board and memory experiment! Fun times!); which is cool...but I would much rather have had an A.

And I just got an email back from Dr. Fraas (who is the greatest teacher/professor in existence!), and he said I got a C+ in the class. I got a 70% on my final exam...and that makes me very angry.

I was in denial most of the semester about possible test anxiety and finally admitted I did towards the end (like before finals week). See, I understand all the material in my class so well, and I study at least 2-3 days before the test (not counting finals) and then I go in and get mediocre test grades.

...It's just really stupid, and it makes me feel incompetent. Maybe the counseling center people are right; maybe there are certain classes I don't know how to study for as well, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

The last class I have to figure out the grade for is Cognitive Psych, and that class was very stressful because it's another Dr. Metzger test-only, really, class...and it's his test that scare the crap outta me. I can't manage to get anything beyond a C on any of his tests (had him for Research Methods the semester before). Hopefully, I managed to pull something besides a damn C, and not in the lower direction...

I just hate that I only have a 3.0-ish cumulative...I know I could get a 3.5/3.6...but these tests are just so stupid and stuff...

Maybe I can try to make up for it next semester because I have mostly paper-writing psych classes (and an english class with Dr. Saslaw, who is amazing).

Hopefully I can get a semester filled with mostly A's to raise up that stupid cumulative GPA.


"If you're a ghost than I'm straight!"

Have you evar loved something so much that you also love to make fun of it? Really, I think that is the truest fandom you can ever have. Case and point: I love making fun of DBZ. YGO, although it has a much better plotline than DBZ, also has its flaws and they are hilarious to make fun of. I found a little somethin'-somethin' on YouTube.com the other day and about pee-d my pants...

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

This British guy re-does YGO episodes in about 4:30 minutes in average per episode, and basically parodies it. His voices are pretty good, but the dialogue he re-does for each character is exactly to the dubbing (which makes more laughter! XD). Enjoy the first episode and LOOK AT THE OTHER ONES!!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (Episode 1)

And you guys should also watch this one (just read the title...LMFAO!!!):

Bakura Gets a Job at YouTube.com

Have fun!
Thank you, God.

You must love screwing me over because you've done it a shit-ton amount of times in my life and this just adds to the long list.

A lot of people in my life think (/thought) I am (/was) overly pessimistic and that I exaggerate the shit in my life that seems to fall down on me. Then they find out through examples that come up that I'm not lieing...:

My mom calls me last night and wonders why I called her this past Saturday. I tell her it was because the last time she called me, she wanted to talk about how I was going to pay some of my upcoming bills.

Now, I told her the first time she called that I HAD been applying everywhere I could for a job (including campus-related and outside of Ashland).

So, the first thing she asks me is if I've gotten a job yet.

I haven't.

But she semi-assumes that I have given up looking, because she asks, "Well, have you still been looking? Have you tried the local newspaper and stuff?"

Yes, mom. I have. I'm still getting screwed job-wise.

(It's kind of apparent that it's going to be helluva hard to get a job when even adults with DEGREES are getting laid off because of outsourcing and whatever-else our shit-tastic government is doing to the economy right now.)

[The REST of] My car insurance is due on the 2nd of October and I prolly have $180 left in my checking account. It's $230-some.

Factor #2: My mom can't cover for me because we are poor. Simple as that. It may say on paper and all that other officialness that we make enough money to survive and be "comfy," but my family is living paycheck to paycheck. That's not a very good living most people will tell you. You can survive, but it makes a lot of people very stressed out and makes people work ALL the time and then take out the stress of working all the time on their children...who do everything that their parents tell them to do like good kids.

So, to save the angsty emo poetry sap, I'm just fucking screwed. Even if I got a job now, I wouldn't be able to pay my insurance in time and that would just raise what I owed more because of late fees. Yay.

...And on top of that, I still have to pay my cell bill and start paying on a loan that starts in the next couple of months.

:: dance of mistaken joy ::


Spontaneous Abortions!

So...I'm sitting in Genetics today (right next to my two buddies, D*Trick and Whitney [from my Eng 102 class and Vanata's class!]), and Dr. Brauner starts going on about the "variance of dominance" [in genes/traits]. He then heads into one of the many kinds of variations you can have and he starts talking about "lethal alleles." And the example he gives is of yellow-furred mice. The ones that have the "uber-dominance" [both parents give dominant traits] die from the protein the chromosome makes somehow later in development. The ones that are heterozygous [have a dominant and recessive trait] are yellow, and the ones that are "uber-recessive" are brown. Anyhow, Dr. Brauner got into this other tangent about how in most human "lethal alleles" the baby will "die" from a [this is directly quoted] "miscarriage or spontaneous abortion."

Now, Ashley's brain works in mysterious ways, mind you...but it processed as:

"*writing notes* Oh, miscarriages can also be called 'spontaneous abortions.'


"Wait a minute!"
*giggling ensues [very poorly masked, I was told by David, later]*

Because D*Trick was sitting next to me, though, she kept giving me these stupid looks like, "What the hell are you laughing at for no reason now?"

I couldn't say it, so easily amused is my little self, so I wrote [took me a while between violent fits of giggles] it out to D*Trick as, "He said 'miscarrages or spontaneous abortion,' so does that mean miscarriages are 'spontaneous abortions'?"

D*Trick starts laughing and pushes the note away like she's disturbed but also doesn't want to laugh anymore by reading it again. THEN, she takes it and writes on it and gives it back...:

"How about 'involuntary spontaneous abortions'? I'm gonna say that from now on, lol."

[This spawned from the reasoning that you cannot will a spontaneous abortion, so you must add "involuntary"  to the phrase to make it physiologically correct.]

I don't think I need to add how hard it was for me to not laugh throughout the remainder of the class [or the domino effect from happing to everyone else], so I'm just gonna leave it on that very odd note.

Meh...new year, new journal.

Well...as most of you can see, I've deleted all my entries. Again.

Last school year was just very bad for me. You know how some people have those "off-years"...? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I had one because I didn't ever feel like myself. I also think I had mercury poisoning from eating so much tunafish as well, which would explain why I was so tired all the time and was sick for over a month at Christmas Break. I read it takes a while to get back to your "old Self" after having it (like up to a year to get back to normal). So, last year is something I don't want to remember a lot of for many reasons. I will remember the good times I have, but overall it's something I should definitely put behind me.

In other, less-reflective, and seemingly-wise news, this semester is going very great for me. I believe my want to get back to school has given me the jump start to love doing my homework (that could also be in combination with the very cool classes I'm taking). I'm very much looking forward to next spring semester because I'll be able to take Personality and other very cool classes in my major.

But I guess that's all for now because I have such a bad headache...meh!