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Not that I Mind or Anything...

...Okay, Maybe I Do.

15 January
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I am currently in college at Ashland University (yay), and I'm double majoring in pyschology and human communications. I'd like to be an adolescent psychologist/psychiatrist...and have my own practice. I work at probably one of the only Ma & Pa drugstores in Columbus (that's right, not "Greater" Columbus; I'm talking the REAL Columbus). I'm secretary of AU's Anime Club, and I am gladly apart of the Young Democrats here at AU as well. I'm also apart of Art Club but we haven't done anything yet...>.> But yeah, this is about as mini as you're gonna get from me...
anime, but especially japanese, dance dance revolution, drawing, fanfic writing, manga (fullmetal alchemist!!), music (all moozaks, reading, school, swimming (competitively and non), vegeta (dbz), websites, writing